John E. Barnette

John E. Barnette, EdD


Dr. Barnette serves as a subject matter expert in the field of logistics for JH Consulting. He joined the team in January of 2012. Dr. Barnette currently serves as a consultant to several state and national organizations specializing in healthcare management, emergency preparedness, disaster response, crisis leadership, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and strategic planning. Dr. Barnette previously served for 25 years as the CEO of a large comprehensive behavioral health center. He assisted the West Virginia Hospital Association and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services in various projects, including the facilitation, coordination, development, and primary writing of the “Regional Crisis Response Plans” for all hospitals and other first responders in the State of West Virginia. In addition to his role in the creation of the regional threat preparedness plans, Dr. Barnette served as the primary author for the accompanying operations manuals and developed and facilitated 12 tabletop exercises in the individual regions and at the state level. Finally, Dr. Barnette is also an Associate Dean, Leadership & Professional Development at the University of Charleston School of Business.