There is no cookie cutter safety plan that works for every organization. We will work with you to analyze and identify risks and hazards to develop a safety plan that is the best fit for you

Program Consulting

  • Convene a safety committee
  • Craft a series of process and administrative controls
  • Review of existing program guidance with suggestions for improvement
  • Develop custom safety program for implementation

Workplace Hazards Risk Assessment

  • Identify and describe unique, site-specific hazards
  • Observe sites and operations to determine risks and potential impacts
  • Develop objectives and action items to mitigate and/or control workplace hazards

HazCom Development

  • Analyze possible risks and hazards
  • Ensure policies for communicating hazards are clear and effective
  • Determine risks associated with usage of hazardous materials
  • Customize communication and information sharing programs for employees, community partners, and other stakeholders

SDS Management

  • Identification of materials and quantities requiring reporting
  • Compilation of safety data sheet packages

In-Facility Employee Training

  • Refresh your employees’ knowledge on your specific as well as general safety policies
    • OSHA certifications
    • Hazard communications
    • Blood borne pathogens
    • Equipment safety
    • Proper use of PPE