JH Consulting will characterize your comprehensive emergency response system to increase efficiency and save lives.

Operating Guidelines

Develop a plan for everyone involved in the emergency response process:

  • Personnel conduct
  • Calling for back-up
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Coordination with other agencies
  • Reporting procedures
  • Communication procedures


  • NIMS compliance
  • Reference state operations plans and National Response Framework
  • Locally-specific to include all elements of your response network
  • Planning workshops to ensure stakeholder participation
  • All-hazard approach with hazard-specific and support annexes

Resource Categorization

  • Type and classify your resources for easy access and deployment
  • Utilize NIMS definitions
  • Develop tracking and reporting procedures
  • Implement maintenance procedures to ensure up-to-date listings
  • Easy-to-use database format for quick retrieval

Site-Specific Emergency Action Planning

Prepare your facility and personnel for emergencies while enhancing your safety program.

  • Schools
    • Establish policies for entire school system as well as individual schools
    • Assess risks and identify response guidelines to protect students, faculty and staff
  • Hospitals
    • Utilize HICS for an efficient response and easy coordination with field incident command
    • Joint Commission and EMS compliance for general preparedness of emergency management, environment of care and life safety
  • Industrial Plants and Factories
    • Incorporate new and changing federal and state mandates
    • Access control
    • Develop and test command center capabilities
    • Ensure interoperability with community emergency responders
  • Water/Wastewater Utilities
    • Vulnerability assessments of physical and cyber security