Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Analysis

Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Analysis

All employees have the right to go home to their families safely and unhurt after each workday. To this end, employers employ a number of controls to limit the hazards to which employees are exposed:

1. engineering controls/elimination,

2. administrative controls/substitution, and

3. personal protective equipment.

Crazy Harry’s Greenhouse in Elkins, West Virginia partnered with JH Consulting, LLC to determine what hazards were present at its facility and, in situations where hazards could not be eliminated or personnel substituted, what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would be necessary to protect its employees. JH Consulting personnel conducted walk-throughs at the Crazy Harry’s site to determine the hazards present. Following the walk-through, JH Consulting researched the hazards and developed a PPE program to address them. The program included notes on when and where PPE could be necessary, the titles of personnel affected by the PPE suggestions, and the locations where PPE and other safety equipment should be posted and made available. The project also included the development of a training program to ensure that employees properly use PPE, clean it, and return it to storage in a manner that would extend the life of the equipment.